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How To Send Emails to trash or another folder? a gmail tricks


How to check your site indexed by Search Engine

It is easy task to check whether your site, indexed by major search engine like, google.com, yahoo.com, bing.com etc.

Checking in Google.com

google search box

> go to www.google.com, google search box will appear, basically it's a text box like above picture. 

> type site:http://socialmediastrategyplan.blogspot.com

Look at the image below

You would the pages list that have indexed by google.com, otherwise, you may seen a message where would say no page found, or page not indexed etc.

Note: replace the site address after  site:http://............................. by your domain address.

Checking in Bing.com

- The process of site checking in Bing is almost similar to Google.com
Note: you should have Windows Live ID to sign in.

Checking in yahoo.com

-  Again the process of site checking in Yahoo.com is almost similar to Google.com and for the yahoo site submission;

Yahoo submit

Note: for submitting url in major search engine, you should have separate email id for each search engine site.


Latest search features - tips, tricks and ideas 

Here is where you will get the new Google search features, tips and tricks to assist you become a search master. If you really want to find it out, watch this video with more attention. 

To become a totally Google search master is little tricky but definitely a great way to grab internet resources. 

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Use Hashtag to attract more followers

Using hashtag in twitter post allows you to acquire attention from who are not following you. Its also helps to categorize your interest as well.  
Example: if you offer free domain hosting, simple add #free domain before your post.
if you are going to holding a photo-exhibition write #photo- exhibition.
Hashtag will helps to creating new group.