Choose Correct Twitter Account

What type of twitter account you need to create?

Yes, here I want to give an special warm thanks to Lisa Barone for her great contribution to give an ultimate suggestion on this issue in her great blog post http://smallbiztrends.com/2010/02/types-of-twitter-accounts.html

Here, I am less spoken on some couple of terms like what is twitter, how many people using it- round the world, what benefits of using twitter for business, twitter strategy etc. Since, it has been discussed and shared several time in internet.

I am only like to learn about what type of twitter account we should create for solving our problems. As like me; you might also are looking for it; because it is very confusing stage just before opening twitter account. Though, there is different type of twitter account possible to create, we look for ultimate, unique one.

Lets move to insight
Twitter Personal Account
We use such account very often to create our community, interact with friends and family, discussing what is going on. There is a few chances to grow large scale business community. We think it is as personal matter sharing board. When to go cinema  party or playground, what are you doing; all that are personal talking.

Twitter Business Account

If you totally determined, your twitter journey will go based on your corporate business, it is better for you. All the time you will try to inform your audience about product and service, new product, new innovation, upcoming event, customer service etc. In this time your account should not like www.twitter.com/khalil5172 or www.twitter.com/krrahman. It would come like www.twitter.com/smsp3 or http://twitter.com/southwestair. I have visited southwestair several times to check what they are talking about. You also may check some famous multinational company’s twitter account, for example, Coca-Cola, http://twitter.com/starbucks. All those are great instance for your considerations.

Personal Lead Company Account

It is what you do for your personal twitter account, but little differently. I think it is a company or business account indeed, running through a personal flavor. Here, account open through a company name and all discussion moving around product, service, customer care, hangout by a brand person. Great instance for such account is http://twitter.com/comcastcares. When we talk in this user, actually we talk with someone brand ambassador.

Finally, find it out what type of twitter account will serve you best. Oh, there is no enough policy to choosing account or user name, you need to choose yours one matching with your niches. 

If you have any question, just keep it in comment area and I will try to response you ASAP.

KRRahman, Author
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