Why you should use Twitter List?

Perhaps, almost twitter users like to use Twitter List or a majority group do not like. It is seems to all their favorite people, products and services in a distinct place. Typically we start following millions of people, at the same time our stream just comes flooding with all sorts of tweets. It is difficult to go all important and helpful tweets in among the deep sea of tweets. There is an easy solution to avoid such difficulties by creating and maintaining list.
The main objectives are;

To separate important content
Usually we look for great content from tons of stream and called those very important, some are moderate level important and rest are not important. So its need to separate important content by making individual list.

Reduce possible of losing any tweets

We never expect to miss any tweets; we do not like missing any friend’s  tweets. We can avoid this problem by adding them to our customized lists. It is also useful to our followers as they do not require creating further new list. It is the process of our twitter filtering that is easy to retweet.

Category wise twitting
How it looks, if we categories our tweet like SEOexpert, SEMexpert, Social Media Marketing, Great Bloggers etc. It also helps to have local tweets e.g., “ #Dhaka, #Chittagong” and very easy to add them at any list.

Signage of Appreciation
Whenever you add anyone to your list they feel you care them, respect them and you are ready to have their all post. They become motivated and want tweets more that are important.

All these are versetile factors of twitters list. I have seen, even much better tweeter account holder just avoid this helpful twitter feature.
I like to hear from views on this point, it may be as comment, retweet it.

My next article on “How to create and manage twitter list?”