Zemanta Your Private Tutor for Blogging

Often, bloggers are looking for tools that make blogging easier. Here, i am talking about Zemanta - a great blogging tool, a browser plug in and extension as well. Zemanta, support Firefox, i.e, chrome and safari.

How does it work? 

Since it is a helping tool to write blog post switted to many platform like blogger, WordPress, its opens up sidebar when someone write post in blogger or blogging platforms. It's starts working after a few line written. After analyzing your post's words, suggests images, video and relevant as well. If you safisfied with its suggested items, just click on and it will inserted in post. Zemanta, instantly takes snap-shoot for your post from various site that are relevant to you.

Words and Phrases: However, Zemanta seeks for words and phrases it's niches with, and done it easy to link those words to URLs it well knows about. Phrases come immediately below the post editor of Blogger, and by clicking on them anyone automatically making the links Zemanta suggests. 

Easy to crate link: No more hassles for highlighting text, copy "Link", pasting the URL;  simply click the words you like linked, Zemanta handles the creation process of the link to webpages, videos and pictures.

Blogger Labels: Using blogger labels are easy to use with Zemanta as well. It is automatically suggests logical labels for you based on the text of your post and helps to create the labels for you if you want. 

Latest Zemanta Update:  Some enhanced features gives bloggers a comprehensive list for blog posts from other blogs writing about relevant and similar topics. Undoubtedly it is a great way to invent sites talking about similar topics and if you would like to pointed your readers with those articles for more reading, Just clicking on them in the sidebar inserts them as Related reading more links at the bottom of post.

Here is a video link about zemanta and its helping process, it might help you to further come close to zemanta. 

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