Twitter: Intelligent use for business

It is a report from an online research team highlighted the different ways that companies are adopting Twitter for the business use. 
It is true, that the Twitter was actually intended for interacting with individuals, a large number of organizations already using to actively participate on this platform. On the other hand, not all companies use Twitter in the same way. Tweeting, just listening, and some are doing both.

Twitter as public forum, there is little difference with other social media and blogs, twitting area is small and only can use for wise text that might inspire the followers sometimes based on questions and answers. 

Twitter using directly by the some company:

Many renowned companies are using Twitter as marketing direct tool; they post about corporate activities and distribute links that take visitors back to corporate web pages, and other promotional sites. Such policy probably looks to be the easiest way to get started, and some times considering intelligent use, but companies need to be aware that using Twitter like this way could actually hamper their business image in the social network community including Twitter. Self promotional tweets can damage their reputation too.

Intelligent use; a good idea: the company like ford, dell, MacDonald also using twitter, but the inspiration not going directly. However, they are discussing about the good side of their products, upcoming products etc. Obviously, it is intelligent way to get inform others.

Some company using twitter indirectly

Using twitter indirect way carry the both values, either it is wise or not. Suppose, a company alert their customers about a employee who recently had left the organization with negative feedback. What last result would come? The left employ also tweet or re-tweet something negative about his previous company and it will create huge trouble to the business reputation.
We often saw, some company tweet by attacking other company’s image, products faults etc., but, at the same time other company reply according to the negative order. Such tweeting policy and tricks often hinder the social community.  

Boosting Inbound Signal

A large number of company do not get enough real twitters as they follow others, they can use search tools like “search.twitter.com” and applications like “TweetDeck” is easy to keep track of what's being discussed about the company, product or the industry as a whole. The more intelligent companies are tweeting in to these micro discussions to get early signal of problems and to collect feedback on product issues or ideas.

In recentl, world famous Microsoft’s Press Release, released their Twitter trend tracking service for the public opinion, called "Twendz".  This tool goes past simple Twitter searches to also follow sentiment.

Wrapping up
Our senses and experience says, if any company is thinking about starting the Twitter for business, it's wise, not to do so blindly. First, follow other twitter business users, read more about from its own site, standup a strategy and then go on.

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