Tinny Guide: Google Reader

Google Reader, a tool for meeting, reading and sharing all of your exciting blogs and websites you read. Here, I am with the main features of Google Reader since that you might get started subscribing to and sharing feeds as well.

Come to know: What a RSS Feed is?

RSS widely for “Really Simple Syndication”. Typically, RSS feeds are a process for websites to share out the new content as it come offered.

Consider an RSS feed as a file or file cabinet what contains a blog or website's most recent posts. Through subscribing to a ‘site's feed’ in Google Reader, anybody will automatically be notified when those website or blogs contains new posts or entries. For avoiding the hassles of checking sites frequently for updates, RSS feeds carry your favorite websites to you. It is like a website or blog post container. 

rss feed
RSS Feed Icon: RSS feed could be acknowledged by a symbol. If you see it on a website or a blog site, clicking will generally direct you to that ‘site's feed’. From there, you will be able get a link of those sites; you can copy and paste the link to subscribe to the feed in Reader.

How to subscribe a site feed?

Click the Subscribe button; press the URL of the blog or web site you like to subscribe to.
Recently, almost blogs have “feed auto discovery” enabled, that helping to tell Reader where to find a blog's site feed. On the other hand, you, you will have to add the URL of a site's feed directly. 

image feed subscription

How? See the ‘RSS Icon’ on the site in question, click on it, and copy and paste the link in add subscription text box. But, if you cannot see RSS logo on the site, consider it that the site is not likely to offer ‘RSS feeds’ subscription. 

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