Simple “Twitter Search” Techniques

Twitter Search Results
We often make twitter search to get updated about what is going on at present. At present I will share two distinct twitter search techniques i.e.;

- Search ‘autocomplete’ and ‘People you follow’

However, some more recent developments of twitter search is ‘related query suggestions’, ‘spelling corrections’ and more related search results might updates make it easier to instantly get closer to the things you care on.

Search autocomplete:
It demonstrates you the most likely terms for your query as you enter it, significantly useful if you are trying to follow the ‘hashtag’ for an event, twitter account. It can be accomplished from drop down menu.

If you enter search terms accurately, you will find the relevant Tweets, accounts, photo and video as well. Here is some more development in your search policy that will definitely help you to find out your real looking’s.

In my considerations, it’s may be the first couples of important elements you have to follow to improve your search strategy.

Spelling: If any user misspells a term, it will robotically show results for your planned query.

Relevant suggestions: If the searcher press keywords for a topic for which people use numerous terms, it will provide relevant suggestions for search terms what the majority of that chat is happening in Twitter.

Real names and username: While somebody searches for a name like ‘khalil5172,’ you will see results exploring that person’s real name & Twitter account username.

People you follow: However, for seeing All or Top Tweets for your search, just select also now see Tweets about a given topic from only the people you follow when you select the “People you follow” view. It is the great way to found the exact topic you are desired and get engage in discussion.

It is the matter to keep in mind that twitters always invent new 'twitter search' terminology for their users, so it is ideal to have latest news on twitter latest development.