How to Transition Blogger to SEO Blogger

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Blogging in no way started as a way to earn backlinks, it has quickly become one of the most fashionable means to help get better a website’s ranking on a Google SE. Idea of guest- posting in swap for backlinks has suddenly given bloggers more choice and a better chance to really create a living from blogging. As a result, more and more bloggers are being recruited to work for companies as full time writers in the part of the SEO department. But, the problem is, not all bloggers understand SEO facts.

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Of course many bloggers would prefer to blog for fun, but for those who interested to make it a line of work, SEO is an absolute requirement. This often fears bloggers since SEO is not something taught in schools and it is not a little that traditional writers have ever had to think about. luckily, understanding SEO as a writer does not have to be hard, and for many it can really be fun.

Blogger to SEO Blogger : Way To Make the Transition
In this stage, bloggers would not have to change much on their writing or routine, however, it can be a big change if you are not prepared. Here are a few tips and tricks to help flat the transition:

Audience: since you are writing to assist a company get better in the Google ranks, audience is considering a key. Blogging on your own, gives you the liberty to write about anything you want, whether it be contentious or have a ironic tone. Hence, blogging for a company is very dissimilar. You should always agonize about your image because you are on behalf of an entire company. This may obvious, but this is a big alter for some bloggers.

Links:  Here, the SEO knowledge really comes in handy. It is significant for a blogger to appreciate that there should be a link back to the business if within the copy of the text or in an author bio. Typically, a business will tell the blogger, the links must point and what the anchor text obvious. To the blogger; it is just a substance of fitting in the links naturally.

Keywords: Keywords should come obviously and not be something that bloggers have to be anxious too much on at writing. However, it is imperative to understand that a keywords should be one word that describe your article, and should be a part of the title – headings - and tags. This might change the title that the blogger at first wanted, but keywords are significant for SEO.

Documentation:  Guest blogging and SEO goes documentation, companies typically want to know what backlinks they are getting in come back for the writing. You should have document when an article goes live and, that links were used. A number of companies even go as far as have you evidence social distribution numbers. A SEO expert, it is total about the numbers and analyzes these numbers; so bloggers require being prepared.

Since, it is not a question if or not they can do but quite do they want to. Blogging are something dissimilar for everyone, and making the choice to turn into a professional blogger might hamper some of the aspect of personal blogging. Moreover, considerate SEO should never be something that stops a blogger from building it his and her career.

Do you ever tried blogging for SEO reason? which helping you make the transition?

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