Discovering Google Blogger Gadget

This post is for the new bloggers who are intended to learn, practice, share and improving theirs blogging skills. The advance blogger know 'how to add and use various widget' for managing blog. 

Here, I am talking about blogger widget that can boost your blogging, bring more traffic and perhaps may earn money. 

What is widget? it is the combination of some html, css, java code that helping blogger to add their site and serve the particular purposes. For instance, you are looking for a customized log in form what will asked to visitors to keep their comments or read your content. What you can do? if you are an expert one it might be easier code it and use it. If you don't, what you can do? here, widget come for helping you too. 

The google blogger has arranged a large number of free gadget for your. Just go to the destination tab, copy the code and past it to your site, that's all. 

How to get blogger gadget?

Easy and  hassle free!

Simply sign in your blogger blog, click on design tab, on the left hand side - click on layout, see, it is your blog layout. According to the template design, it is varying, but almost cases remain common,  just click on "Add a Gadget", a Gadget list will appear. You will see five common tab on the left side i.e. Basic, Featured, Most Popular, More Gadgets, Add your own. These all five are just waiting for serving you. 

...... See the screen shoot
Add a Gadget

Basic Tab - consist 1-27 most essential gadget i.e. google+badge, follow by email, +1 button etc. 

How your can add a gadget to your blog?

Whichever gadget you like, click on " + sign "  on right sight, here is output preview, customizing option (i.e. re-sizing), then click on save button and it will automatically added to your blog.

The gadget adding process is same for other gadget. But, if do not satisfy with this you may have another option  to go.

Click on "More Gadget", a list will come and on the top-right, a searching box where you can put your desired keyword like "amazon md3 clips" or whatever you like to search more and more gadget.

...... again see the screen shoot

more gadget

Then, having your desired gadget - make necessary change if need (name, size etc.) finally, click on save. 

OK, here is some blogger gadget keywords what you can use in gadget search box. 

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.................. If you have any question, please don't be hesitate, just ask on comment, I will try to make reply.