Discover Google+ Pages: your social media leader

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Like facebook, twitter and LinkedIn – ‘Google+ Pages’ offers verity of businesses, products, brands, as well as organizations with a public identity & presence on ‘Google+’. ‘Google+’ pages can now be created for one of five main categories to help guiding you while signing it up.

The major five categories included 1. Product or Brand, 2. Company, Institution and Organization, 3. Local Business and Place, 4. Arts, Entertainment and Sports 5. Others.
If you ever used facebook fan page for business, perhaps it is now easier to use ‘Google+ page’.
Why ‘Goolge+page’? 

Again, if you have used facebook profile in previous, you might have experienced with adding firiedns, have seen others profile and sharing old and recent information as well. As like ‘Google+ pages’ interact in the ‘Google+’ world akin to the way that regular ‘Google+ profile’ owners do. They can add people to circles, edit profile, sharing things in ‘Google+’, ‘+1’ comments and photos, as well as create and join Hangouts.
‘Google+page’ for business, product and branding, at the same time ‘Google+’ profile for connecting friends, people you know, group you like. 

How to create a local ‘Google+’ page
Still, a large numbers of people confused with local business page. Here, Local ‘Google+’ pages are unique than other categories of pages since they have features that allow customers to easily connect with that business’s at Physical Location. For Instance, local pages contain a map of the business’s location and feature its required address, phone number, and business hours of operation. Local pages also share the functionality of other ‘Google+ pages’ - owner can create and manage circles, start and join hangouts, and share content like posts and photos.

These is the common steps to make a local page for your business

Sign in to Google+     you’ll have to create a ‘Google+’ profile if you haven’t any yet.
Click on the page icon  under  more on the left and click the ‘Create a new page’ button in the upper right.
Then click on ‘Local Business or Place category’, keep business’s phone number and click ‘Locate’. Be sure that the phone number you use for business and it is better if it is business line instead of personal or cell phone number. In this stage, if you see your business already listed, choose your business’s name. Note that you would be able to edit the address later if there anything incorrect. But, if the name of your business doesn’t appear, click ‘Add your business to Google’ or ‘Look up a different number’ to try again.
Provide basic information about your business, like business name, phone number and address. If Google already got information about your business, you would be asked to confirm it. You have opportunity to edit any incorrect information.

Now, you are on the middle of creating your ‘Google+page, what require categories to your local page to help customers easy understand what your business about. From the category box, chose the main category that best describes your business. You will be prompted to select an age requirement that’s suitable for your business. 

Finally, Click ‘Create’ tab, and you’re done. You can visit your page as like a outside visitor and add even more details about your business – may be business hours, website and more contact information.
‘Google+’ Pages may use circles for sharing with and follow just the right people who are interested to your product, brand and services. Pages are only able to add followers of the page to its circles – the people must first add the page to their circles before the page can add them. Here is facebook business page is little different as anybody can like any page without having previous approval of page owner.

The process of adding people to your circles
Be sure you are using ‘Google+’ as a page, Click   Circles icon on the left. For viewing people and pages that are not yet in your circles, but have added you, click ‘Have you in circles’ at the top.
Click on person or page name that you would like to add to a particular circle, note – there is a scope for you selecting multiple profiles. Drag and drop your selective profiles to a circle on the bottom half of the page.

When you add somebody to a circle, instantly they will receive a notification. If you add same profile in multiple circles they will only receive a notification once. It is highly recommended that to share with someone, you don’t need to add someone to a circle after they have added your page. More often people who have added you but whom you do not reciprocally add to circles, will receive your public posts in their stream as well.

Promote your page: encourage people to add your page to a circle; just go to your Home page when using ‘Google+’ as your page and click ‘Promote your page’ under Spread the word at the right side of the page. It is easy to add people from your personal circles or from email addresses just click Share.
There is another opportunity as you can add other pages to your circles apart from having those pages add you first. Use ‘Google+ search’ to find pages to add to your circles.

to be continued .............