Blogger Sitemap Submission to Google

Free Google blogger (blogspot.com) hosted million of free blogs and perhaps, it is the platform that very SEO friendly. Most of the newbie blogger likes to start blogging through this and WordPress.com

Here, I am talking about blogger sitemap creation and submission process. But, question is, What is sitemap? 
Answers, very strait froward - a sitemap is digital mapping system which has been designed for search engine understand, also a language of search engine. 

You should add your site's sitemap to google in order to getting quick index all content by giant Google search boot. It is Google webmaster tools where sitemap might be submitted.  

There is different type of sitemap, rss.xml, atom.xml, image sitemap, video sitemap etc. 

I am on atom.xml, since, it is very easier to create and submitting. 

I am trying to make it more clear to newbie blogger. 

For submitting sitemap to Google, go to Google Webmaster Tools and sign in. On the Google webmaster tools, select your blog then, click on site configuration, then, click on Add/Test Sitemap.

You will see a blank text box, just waiting to receive your atom.xml address. Past this line on blank text box "atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500"

Note: Please do not copy inverted comma ("  ")

Finally, "click on submit button". It will help to index your all page which will be seen as blue and red. But, a couple of days is required. 

Note: The sitemap we have submitted - only for five hundred post. after each five hundred, you have to resubmit your site as well. 

Example - Sitemap: