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If you are not able to reach your desired community, you may fail in your mission. We use social network to come across to each other, sharing thought and ideas and so many things. 

In recent, many individuals like to use twitter as their social tools and most of the business community also like to get engaged with target people through this tool. 

But, why? It may be the reason, as people likes to have such a tools what is easy, realistic and of course interactive. Twitter has all of these built-in features

Note: we talking about Twitter "Basic Search Techniques"

Why Twitter Search? You might want to know what people giving opinion about you and your business, products, services as well as your industry. 

-         You might want to have something interesting.

-         You might want to get people well matched with your interest and
-         Of course, you want to monitor your completion to further improvement.

OK, here, we want to make it clear, "how to make effective twitter search".

> Go to your browser and press http://twitter.com/#!/search-home/ and enter.

A search window will appear and you can type your desired keywords in search text box, then, click on Search tab.

Here, you may see people talking about your interests and you may use these in three major ways. 

-         - Follow some people that matched with your interest
-         - You may send message among them and
-         - You can preserve the info of them for your market research.

Advance Search Techniques of Twitter
If you want to make your search very specific and distinct, you use twitter advance search techniques.
To do this, just go to browser and press this link "http://twitter.com/#!/search-advanced"

Note: we talking about Twitter "Basic Search Techniques"

Here is a little big twitter advance search window will appear, you might put your search criteria intelligently and do not put too many search criteria.
This is the result returned from our search, and wants to get even more specific? Perhaps, you get something that you are looking for.

Twitter Save Search Feature
In my little knowledge, I never saw such enhancement to save search results in any other social media.

How to do?
Be sure you are logged in to profile and type in your search terms, for the instance, the name of your company on the ‘search bar’ at the zenith of your profile. 
When the results list appear, choose to save this search and that’s all.

Importance of twitter ‘Save Search’
‘Save searches’ save your time and when used with ‘NutshellMail’ service, give you to monitor search terms.

Saving Time by ‘NutshellMail’
It is the feature that allows you to use NutshellMail from regular contact to watch your search terms and get all of results through email. It is routinely and free.
NutshellMail also will assure you to save time and make sure you do not drop important things. 

For more information about NutshellMail, please visit the “http://nutshellmail.com”

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