Using Twitter: For Business

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Twitter is a social media networking community that offers people to communicate throughout hundred and forty  characters or less message. Tough much people use the tool to stay connect with friends, colleagues and family members, businesses but it also be used the site to make customers and support their products and services. Twitter is a open online social media tool that helps business develop and get better customer service. Moreover, you can infect your company's standing if you run into Twitter except first wisdom the basics.

Accelerate connection with your customers on Twitter

You can search Twitter by your business related keyword. This is one way to finding it out who is discussing your services or products. Track the customers and get engage in conversation with them. This will help to understand your customers 'wants and needs'. Do not simply offer your business on Twitter. Keep it in mind, Twitter is a social network. All conversation that shows you truthfully care about your customers is a key.

Help customers
Whenever a customer raises a question or complaint about your product or service immediately answer them via the social networking site. Helping customer service in ground-breaking ways, offer you a chance to build a bigger base of loyal fans and supporters.

Introduce new and current customers to your products
As instance, if you own a printing company and you have a new price, post details office with links to Twitter.

Add buzz
Your followers can help extend the word if they like your 'works'. The customers also can ask questions and present early feedback. If you think Twitter users do not response to product launches, simply ask Apple. The release of the iPad, iPhone 4 generated tons of Twitter buzz.

Keep updated customers though Twitter

Regularly send links to all of your followers to keep your company brand new in their eyes. Offer promotional contests to people who re-tweet your links to others. Use a link shortening service, as bit.ly, to keep measure of how many people are visiting your site from Twitter.

Look for relevant followers who are involved in the types of your products and services. Most people will follow you back or propose your profile to their own friends and followers. Get engage in the Twitter community. For instance, if you sell musical instruments, follow and cooperate with the music instruments bloggers.

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