Twitter : newbie start - essentials

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Twitter : newbie start -  essentials
Still most people like to use Facebook for interacting with their friends, family, fellows and coworkers. In my sense, twitter users are little smarter and well known on their purposes. No more … I am curving my sharing to – what is twitter?
The purpose of this short article is twitter for business. Many online users in dark as they doesn’t know that twitter can do business in favor of you. It is a useful communication tool that helps to peoples to communicate with others round the world.

Twitter’s working ......
-    sending short message to bunch people publicly
-    sending short message to specific people publicly
-    Private short message to a specific person.

Twitter follow micro blogging service: only 140 char short message is very compatible in modern devices. Mobile, tablet pc, text msg etc. Twitter knows its need to just knock the people’s door and of course able to contain link of any site where the more info is available.

Now look to Twitter Vocabulary
Here, we will see what terminology just working behind the twitter. The expert users already know but the newbie needs to know first.

Twitter Handle: Known as a username. This is users selected name

To Follow: This is the subscription process of somebody’s twitter page. Just clicking on Follow button then his or her updates and other information you can see from your page.

To Follow Back: This is an opportunity that you can get an email alter if somebody just start following. In setting you can stop it leave it.

Follower: A person who love to see your updates that’s why starts following you and you also can see him on your follower list on your profile page.

Update: Well known as tweet and it is main area where people keep their short update though only 140 chr. The followers can see updates each other.

@Reply: A public message or updates sent from one user to another by keeping @USERNAME within the body of the tweet. 

DM: A private message might contain something which is not for others.

Twitter Stream: User’s real time updates. Every time we post an update it goes to Twitter stream, which is found on our account page.

Tweet Up: An event specially prepared for Twitter users to meet up and network, usually unceremoniously.

Hash tag #: A Twitter follow tagging system used to combine the discussion surrounding an event-topic or theme. Hash tags created by combining ‘#’ with a word, acronym, or phrase and used as a tag within tweets. 

RT or Retweet: For repeat twitting what someone else has already tweeted. Users retweet this if somebody has said something especially precious and they want their own network to see the matter.

Twitter Lists: List for Public what any Twitter user can create and manage. Its generate Twitter streams that contain exact Twitter users.

Trending Topics: Displayed on the right hand side of Twitter homepage, trending topics are words, phrases, or hash tags what are popular on Twitter at a given time. Trending may be planned by location and may a real time update.

Promoted Tweets: It is for paid marketing efforts and also calls ‘pay per click’.

Note: All social media is updating continuously, twitter is not out of them. Look for any new updates.

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