Traditional and Social Media Marketing Strategy Plan

Traditional and Social Media Marketing Strategy Plan
The technology has changed the most marketing ideas, thought and strategy. Now, we can reach, interact and share to someone in few seconds. What mostly does it so easy? Definitely, it is technology, especially through social media.

In traditional strategy, it was little time killing, more expansive and very hard to small business entrepreneurs. In comparison with social media marketing - there was a bad idea as they looked for greater extend, finally summarized in shorter after having a couple dealings with customers. It was almost like a onetime transaction. But, here..

Social Media Marketing Strategy is Different
Since, Social Media Marketing is recognizing that the present customers are best assets as well as technology enables us to control consumer behavior both before and after the transactions.
by  expending little amount of money and easy to use tools as like social media and email, definitely, it is not desired that customers come back automated way and will make interaction with us.
Not like traditional marketing strategy, now we can reach out to our existing customers to tell again them to come back and making words as easy as clicking the content share, like, or tweet buttons.

Big consideration: A winning businesses appreciate that marketing never come end by the sale, but rather it starts after the first sale.

Social media marketing is not only way to boosting business
Keep it in main thinking that social media marketing is not an alternative of other marketing strategy and we highly desired that we continue to do what has done for our business in the previous.
Some context, the traditional marketing strategy plan that still work for us, like advertising in a newspaper, billboard, direct mail to the potential customers and joining networking events, are still effective in business.

However, social media marketing strategy plan is running on keeping hand on the shoulder of traditional marketing strategy. Just like email marketing - it is more using tool for both strategies. If we really want to start our business from a smaller size and want to cover or reach to own community people first, we definitely start with practicing traditional business policy with grater extended social media marketing strategy.

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